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      Frequently Asked Questions

What are “original and custom” oil paintings?

      When you purchase one of my paintings, whether an original painting or a repaint of a painting that I have previously done, each painting is hand-painted and is not a photocopy or exact replica. Since each repaint is hand-painted, it is impossible to replicate every brush stroke and mix colors 100% exactly the same, making each of my paintings unique and original.

      By requesting a custom painting, you can have a painting customized to what you want, whether it be from a photo or photos that you provide or a description of what you would like to have painted.

Do you only paint landscapes? What about florals, people, animals, etc.?

      Currently, I am only painting landscapes because there are no boundaries (or at least very few) that would make a painting not “look right”. When painting people, it is easy to put a feature on a face the wrong way, making it look like there is something wrong with the person in the painting. With a landscape painting, a tree can be twisted and leaning to one side and still look right. While I have seen the techniques that Bob Ross certified for florals and wildlife, I have not had a chance to try those yet.

What are the collections? Are you copying other artists' work?

      The My Personal Collection is paintings that I have created from my own imagination. Collections for other artists, like The Bob Ross Collection, are paintings that are based on or inspired by paintings of other artists. At no time when creating these paintings do I ever have another artist’s work in front of me. I simply go by what I see in my mind of that artist’s painting and in no way imply that my work is that of another artist.

      Also, paintings like the Moonville paintings might eventually be moved into their own collection.

How do I know that I am purchasing one of your paintings?

      After completing a painting, I always sign it at the bottom with my initials “KLW”. On the back of the wood frame of the canvas, I always write the date that the painting was completed on. With your painting, you will also receive a Certificate of Authenticity.


Do you teach classes or give demonstrations?

      I currently do not teach classes. In time, I would like to become a Bob Ross Certified instructor. When that happens, I would be able to give lessons for the techniques that I use. While I have not done any public demonstrations, I have made videos that I have posted on YouTube of how I did a couple of my paintings. In time, I’m hoping to do more.

How long will it take for a painting to arrive?

      After a painting is completed, it can generally take a week to dry, sometimes taking two to three weeks, depending on how thickly paint is applied. Once dry, it is given a light spray of a protectant, and I then give it a few more days to ensure it is completely dry before it is framed, packaged, and shipped as quickly as possible.

      Currently, I do have a full-time job, which restricts my time for painting to weekends or other days off from work.

Ordering Methods

      If noted on this site, the original painting pictured is available. If the original painting is sold or otherwise unavailable, I will repaint the painting for the same cost as the original. Since I will be repainting the original by hand, colors and some details may vary somewhat between paintings. Because of that, you will be getting an original hand-painted oil panting.

      Listings of the availability of original paintings are updated as quickly as possible when sold. In the unlikely event that more than one person orders a painting listed as having the original available, the original will go to the first person to order, based on the actual times of the orders. If an original painting is going to be shown at an art show, festival, or event, it will not be shown on this website until after the event.

      The other method of ordering a painting is to have a custom painting created. You would provide me with your ideas, picture(s), etc., and then I would use that to come up with the painting. Pricing for this would be negotiated. Contact me at kevinlwagner@hotmail.com for more information.

Pricing of Paintings

      Below are the pricings for the different sizes of my paintings that I have painted, including Ohio's 7.25% sales tax.

Size (inches)PriceTaxTotal
9 X 12$140.00$10.15$150.15
12 X 16$150.00$10.88$160.88
16 X 20$170.00$12.33$182.33
12 X 24$160.00$11.60$171.60
18 X 24$200.00$14.50$214.50

      Pricing for each painting includes a frame in your choice of Walnut, Driftwood, Oak, or Gold. Frames add about 2 ˝ inches on each side of the paintings.

      As stated above, the pricing of a customized painting would be negotiable.

      Shipping is $15.00 per painting.

      When ordering, please make sure to note the size and choice of frame for your painting. Please view the ordering page for guidance with ordering.

      Some paintings, based on time and complexity, may have slightly higher prices and may not be available in all sizes. This will be noted where applicable.

Frames available





Payment Methods

      All online sales are processed through PayPal. I do not accept requests to wire the money to my account. This is for my safety as well as yours so that my account information isn't given out and so that I don't have to worry about having confidential customer information on file.

      Except for the completely custom paintings, all images on paintings are copyrighted by me and KLW Art. Any reproduction or duplication without prior written consent by me is forbidden by law.

      Please note that colors on the pictures of my paintings might differ slightly from the actual paintings due to settings on printers and computer displays.

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